As a wedding photographer, breaking your first $100k is your first biggest challenge.
What if I could teach you exactly how I accomplished this
within my first six months in business?
What would you do with an extra $100,000?
It's the dream scenario, isn't it? A fully booked calendar. Getting to do what you love for the people who love you. And even more importantly - getting to enjoy all the financial rewards that come along with it. 

I'm telling you it's not only possible, but it's yours if you want it. 

And I can teach you how.

Still want it?
Learn all the tools and strategies that we've used to attract our dream clients, set our businesses on auto-pilot, and earn multiple six-figures, every single year.

It simply works.

No more chasing clients.

No ad budget? No problem.

Not only have I accomplished this in my first 6 months in business, I've been able to replicate this feat two more times, with the same results.
Learn how to build & automate your sales & marketing machine. No more chasing clients, no more harassing everyone on your friends list.
Learn how we've been able to book 100+ of our dream clients every single year, for over 12+ years, with zero marketing budget & zero ad spend.

Here's what you get:

  • Module 1: How to bullet-proof your business
  • Module 2: Book dream clients who love you
  • Module 3: Building your lead generating machine
  • ​Module 4: Getting clients to say "YES"
  • ​Module 5: Closing script for 3x-5x more sales
  • ​​Module 6: Troubleshooting your sales & marketing funnel

  • Bonus: Six months of group coaching
  • Bonus: All my email templates and consult scripts
"For all the creatives who are struggling out there, we highly recommend Ben's program to help their business flourish and grow. It did for us, and we couldn't be happier!"
Alina & Yuriy
Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers // Finksburg, MD
" Working with Ben has been the best investment I've made into my business. Hands down, his mentorship has been way more valuable than any creative workshop that I've ever taken."
Rak Saha
Wedding Photographer // Central New Jersey
" I can tell you, not only as his friend, but as someone who's worked with him and have known him for a very long time, Ben knows what he's doing, and everything that he's sharing will no doubt bring you much success."
Daniel Inzitari
Wedding Cinematographer // Southern New Jersey

Hi, I'm Ben!

I'm one half of a husband-and-wife wedding photography team, and we've never met a bowl of noodle soup that we didn't love.

Together, we own & manage 3 award-winning wedding photography brands in the NYC Tri-State area. I enjoy mixing fancy drinks for house guests and building "stuff" for our home (much to my wife's chagrin).

In a career spanning over a decade, we've documented over 1000+ weddings in 14 states and 7 countries, in every shape, size & color imaginable, and I've also mentored dozens of entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their businesses.

Also, alpacas are my spirit animal :)